Callisto Rats are kept safe and cared for by me, Katie. My parents adopted my first pair of rats for me when I was about 8 years of age and from that moment on I have almost always had rats in my life. I registered my Rattery in 2011 and gained NFRS Stud status in 2013.

...Callisto Aims
Marked varieties have long been my favourite kind of rats, with Blazed Berkshires coming top of the list. With this passion for blazed and splodgy rats in mind I am aiming to breed Callisto rats towards Blazed Berkshires and Variegated in Russian Blue, Mink, Dove, Black and their Agouti variants.

Temperament and health will, however be prioritised over markings when choosing rats to breed from. The main aim of Callisto rats is that they have excellent health and temperament and to improve upon this with each successive generation.

Callisto rats live in the "Rat Room" which also doubles as my study. The adults are kept in single sex groups in a Liberta Explorer cages. Nursing mothers birth their litters and care for them in a Ferplast Mary, and when they are old enough the young kittens and their mother are housed in Savic Freddy's to give the kittens more room to develop and grow.

Callisto rats are given Finacard substrate, paper based pellets in their litter trays and shredded paper to nest in (though expectant mothers are given shredded kitchen roll to create their nests with). The litter trays are cleaned as required and the cages are completely emptied and cleaned once a week.

The rats here have plenty to keep them occupied in their cages. Hammocks, tubes, baskets, ladders, ropes and more besides. They also get daily free-range in the rat room where they love to explore and look for hidden treats and they get frequent interaction with me, from scritches in passing to playing chase with the feather wand, we enjoy time spent together.

The rats are fed on a mixture of Harrison's Banana Brunch, Rat Rations complete mix no.7 and Mr Johnsons Rat Food mixed with low sugar human cereals. We have also had sucess with the Shunamite diet.

...Rat care
For more information and advice on all aspects of rat care and health please visit the Fancy Rat Forum. I have always found it invaluable.