Much missed and very special friends

Coastboat Bramley

28th June 2009 - 23rd April 2011
Black Blazed Berkshire
Bramley and I chose each other when he was just three weeks old. He came to live with me at 6 weeks old and was my best and dearest friend from then on. He was my "cheeky-cheeks" and I will NEVER forget him. He was a heart rat of the highest order. Luckily Bramley hasn't left me completely. He sired two litters and his genes continue in Zappa and Callisto lines.

Coastboat Pip

28th June 2009 - March 2011
Mink Blazed Berkshire
Pip was Bramleys brother and was very easy to pick to be Bramley's companion after he fell asleep upside down and sucking his foot in my husband's hand at three weeks old. Despite the fact that Bramley was my heart rat, Pip was not far behind in my affections. He was a simple, lovely, licky boy who loved his food a little too much, earning him the nickname "Pippopotamus". Sadly missed.

All my beautiful friends who have touched my life since 1992:
Sparky, Curly, Squirt, Queenie, Shadow, Muffin, Sugar, Sophie, Molly, Skooter, Casper, Badger, Mouse, Dennis, Sissy, Syrie, Sadie, Blackie, Brownie, Silky, Poppy, Pinkie, Dolly, Bramley, Pip, Jacob, Hazel, Egbert, Wilson, Deeks, Tidgey-peep, Oakie, Arfur, Wisdom, Bounty, Able, Patience, Tem, Sparrow, Shia, Sharkie, Sunshine, Brophy, Constance, Apple, Alemi, Winnie, Flower, Sidney, Daisy, Smooch, Aria, Ebb, Eldritch, Delphi, Shea, Summer, Henry, Squee, Elster, Norman, Colin, Carter, Benton, Kibb, Magic, Nigel, Solo, Gracie, Hester, Lightning, Haggis, Lyralike, Scrumpy, Strudel, Jolly, Perihelion, Ohm, Rurisk, Phee, Bonnie, Quantum, Quirk, Qupid, Prism, Nimi, Lomond, Moonshine.

I will never forget a single one of you.