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* All of those wishing to adopt from us will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, there are no right or wrong answers :)
* Callisto rat owners will be asked to update me on a six monthly basis, or more frequently if there is any cause for concern.
* Callisto rat owners must agree to provide homes on a pet and show basis only, no breeding from them.
* Callisto rat owners must also agree to return their rats to us if for any reason they can no longer care for them. No questions will be asked.
* Callisto rats will only be homed with same sex, same age company (either another Callisto rat or others of your own).
* Owners must sign a contract when they collect their rats, agreeing to the above.
* Kittens will not be allocated to homes until they are at least three weeks old.
* Kittens will not be homed until they are at least six weeks of age.

I'm going to have a go at keeping a waiting list again now! I have lots of gorgeous does who are ready to make babies, but unless I have assurance that I will be able to home the majority from a waiting list, I'd rather not bring all those babies into the world.

Please drop me an email asking to be added to the waiting list if you are interested -
The homing questionnaire is below, but no need to fill it out until the babies have actually arrived. For details on the next litters, planned for March, to be ready at Easter time 2014, please check out the "Planned Litters" page :)

Callisto homing questionnare

Kittens are to be homed on a pet only basis (strictly not to be bred from). They are to go in the minimum of same sexed pairs or with same aged company from elsewhere. £15 for one, £25 for two £35 for three. If you are new to rat keeping a trio is recommended. Update questions will be sent out to owners for completion every 6 months.

Contact -

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Email Address:

Telephone Number:


1. Do you own your house or rent/live with parents? If you rent / live with parents do you have permission to keep these rats from the homeowner?

2. If you live with others have you discussed this adoption with them and are they happy for you to adopt these rats? Do any of them have pet allergies or immune deficiencies?

3. Are you over 16 years of age? If not I will require the permission of your parent/guardian.

4. Will you be the primary care giver to these rats?

5. Will you be happy to send me updates every six months or so? This is really important, lately I have not been getting responses to my 6 monthly questionnaires and the answers are critical as they will influence my future plans.

6. Do you agree to contact me if you can no longer care for these rats (no questions asked) or if one is left alone and you do not intend to adopt any companions for him?

7. Do you have any preference for adoption (gender & variety if various are available)?

Rat set up:
8. Have you kept rats in the past?

9. How many rats (& groups of rats) do you have now?

10. Will these rats be living with other rats? Do you have a back up plan if introductions should fail?

11. Do you have any other pets? If yes then how do you manage your multi-pet situation? (i.e. I have cats who aren’t allowed in the rat room at all).

12.What cage will these rats be living in (sizes if make unknown)?

13. How do you furnish it?

14. Where does the cage live in the house?

15. Food: What will you feed these rats?

16. Bedding: What do you use for substrate / bedding?

17. Free range time: Tell me about it?

18. Vets – how much are you willing to pay for a vets trip? Do you have a vet fund you can draw on for emergencies? What do you consider worthy of a vet trip?

19. Do you know where you would place them if you went on holiday?