03 September 2017
Well all the bubs from the most recent litters are in their new homes now. Just waiting to see if Vesta and Tarman will give me any Dumbo bubbas to keep as pets and then I will be closing my doors for good. The lovely Claire at Black Lupin will be taking a couple of my rats to start a new marked venture. And Callisto genes will live on in Evenflow rats too.

11 June 2017
Callisto Stud is back!!
While on my break I kept my Callisto line ticking over so as not to lose it entirely and now Callisto Stud is back in a big way! I've taken on some gorgeous Halcyon does to improve the type in my marked rats and have started to dabble with dumbo as one popped up by surprise in a litter last year. Callisto Stud currently has THREE litters totalling 38 babies!!
Please check the Current Litters Page for details!

26 July 2015
Callisto Stud is no longer breeding.
We will however continue to offer every support to owners of Callisto Rats and will still always accept returnee rats for whatever reason :)

10 May 2015
Previous three litters all homed to lovely families, hope you enjoy your time together! No litters now planned until approximately November 2015.
HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY to Litters G & H for today and yesterday! Here that is a Happy Birthday to Haggis, Hester, Lightning and Gracie <3

01 March 2015
Three litters born in Feb, welcome to the world Litters O, P & Q. All does reserved already, some bucks available. They will be homing age beginning of April.

13 October 2014
I have been having a bit of a hiatus from Callisto over the Summer. I'm back now and will plough through my emails and messages over the next few days. In July Litters M and N arrived. M brought me two perfect kittens, my first cheeky cheeked girl (Moonshine) and a little boy (Magic) with all the personality of his mother, my dearest Scrumpy. I'm thinking of my next litters (from Strudel and perhaps Jolly) and will be attending the NFRS Theale Show this weekend.
Bucks, Does and Past Litters pages updated.

06 July 2014
I have been rather neglecting my rattery inbox lately. I will get to that soon. I've been having a sad time with mostly older and a couple of younger rats dying and my beloved cat too. Updated bucks and does pages to exclude those I have lost and to include my gorgeous new Beltane boys, Carter and Benton who are amazing. At just 8 weeks old Carter already won Reserve Best Pet at the NFRS Baldock Show.

21 April 2014
Litters J, K & L are mostly in their new homes now :) Bucks / Does / Litters pages updated.

27 February 2014
Welcome to the world Litters J, K & L!

02 February 2014
Cannot believe I did not mention in my previous update that Callisto Rats is now an NFRS STUD!!!!! Won twice over with Callisto Hester (8* on one rat, plus two BOA/BIS). AND that Hestie got Best Opposite Age at NFRS Banbury Show in January! *Thrilled*

Today, updates to bucks page (Sidney added), doe page (Lyra added - so excited to have her!) and to the links page (dead links removed, Figwit and Evenflow added).

15 January 2014
My PC was out of action since October, hence my lack of updates, but I'm back now! Hurrah! Planned litters, bucks and does pages updated. I still need to get nicer photos of Scrumpy and Squee and get a photo of our new rescue boy Sidney too.

22 September 2013
Finally I have updated the Rattery section of the page! It is up to date for now, though we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Milo Scrumpy + same aged company. A GORGEOUS little Black Variegated doe who will bring CHEEKY CHEEKS back to Callisto. Thank you Sarah!

18 Aug 2013
Litter I are now almost all in their new homes, hope they and their owners are very happy. Time to go back to taking it easy, enjoying the rats who are here and showing with the aim of achieving my stud name! I need to get photos of my G, H & I keeprs to update the rattery pages. Watch this space...

04 July 2013
All Litter G & H babies are in their new homes now, good luck little ones! You have amazing homes :) Five kittens stayed here at Callisto, I will upload their photos soon!
Final litter for the year has arrived, another collaboration with Milo Stud, Litter I were born on Wed 26th June. We're currently accepting enquiries for the does in this litter.

20 June 2013
Long time no update again. Litters G & H have not only arrived, but due to go to their homes over the coming week! And in sadder news we lost Sparrow, our Rescue boy who had been here since 7 weeks old and left us at 31 months. Sleep tight old man.

Keep an eye on the litters page, Daisy has been to visit Otis and I'm hoping all will go well and she will have some new Callisto babies for us in the next few weeks.

09 March 2013
Callisto Daisy x Zappa Chaka Zulu's litter arrived on Wed 6th March, 16 wriggling pink things. Looks like 8 boys & 8 girls. The Agouti's are showing their markings already and I can see two blazes on them. We'll have to wait a little longer to see what their Cinny siblings look like. This litter will mostly be homed from my recent enquiries.

02 March 2013
Wow, long time no update! Most recent news is that since January we have lost three wonderful friends, Tem, Patience and Able :'( But in better news Daisy is looking nice and fat with babies. Watch this space for baby news towards the end of the week hopefully!

31 December 2012
Apologies for the lack of recent updates. It's been a quiet time here while our ratties take a break and enjoy life in between litters. All four of Litter E ended up staying >^^< And I'm awfully glad they did because I adore them all. As we only had one girl (Elster) we welcomed Beltane Shia into the family as same aged company for Elster (and future breeding plans) and Shia could not be more perfect. Thank you Beltane! Also new to the family are old ladies Apple and Flower from Rat Out of Hell Rescue who had been in rescue far to long at their age (2yrs now).

Litters, Rattery and Links pages all updated!

15 October 2012
After months of failed attempts, Callisto Aria has finally delivered us a litter! Well done Ari! Four perfect chubby kittens :) Also we have welcomed Halcyon Shea, a gorgeous little Golden Himi Rex girl the same age as Daisy & Delphi, shameless GMR! I will add her photo soon!

01 October 2012
Only two of Litter D are left here, awaiting collection by their new owners, other than the delicious Daisy & Delphi who are staying of course >^^< And what lucky kittens Litter D are, all going to amazing homes with wonderful families. Good luck to all of you little whiskery ones, Maggie, Pepper, Gottie, Badger, Daley, Murray, Wicket, Twinkle, Barti & Pan, I loved having you here!

Joining the crew along with Delphi & Daisy is the gorgeous rescue girl Trinn. Their photos will all be added to the "my rats" section today.

29 August 2012
Winnie & Alemi's 14 babies are doing wonderfully, their eyes are all open today. All kittens from this litter have been RESERVED. The next planned litter will not be until Spring 2013, though we will happily accept people on to the waiting list for this. For now I am excited to watch the kittens grow & develop & choose which ones to keep!

Also, if you are local, do come to see us & some of our older ratties at the "Real London" Pet Show in Bracknell on 8th September. More info here

16 August 2012
Loads of news to tell!
- Sad news: Zappa Wisdom & rescued Arfur have both been put to sleep this week. Both were very old men and both will be sorely missed.
- Good news: Callisto Aria won Best In Show at the NFRS Marked show in July! I am absolutely thrilled! In doing so Aria also won me Best Novice, she then went on to win Best Marked Rat in the Summer Cup, finishing third overall in that show!

- Sad news: After the NFRS show Aria was mated to Biscuit for a second time, and for a second time did not deliver any babies. I will try only once more with her.
- Great news: RCT Winnie delivered us a second litter yesterday, 14 healthy babies. This was a repeat mating in the hope of creating more variegated and cinnamon rats to work with. Winnie was only asked to have a second litter because she was such a good, relaxed mother and didn't lose any condition with the first litter. These rats are my pets and their welfare is hugely important to me.

24 June 2012
Horrendously overdue update time!!
~ All 11 of Winnie's kittens have thrived and are just wonderful little people. They're all reserved and will be leaving for their new homes in the coming week!
~ RCT Biscuit has come to join Callisto's boy rats for good for future mating plans, he's settling in perfectly thanks to his wonderful temperament & intros are going well.
~ Links and Litters pages updated!

19 May 2012
RCT Winnie delivered a litter of 11 eepers on Tuesday 15th May. Looks like five boys and six girls at the moment. I'm happy to say that all kittens should already have homes lined up from my waiting list =) All babies are fat and healthy and Winnie is a relaxed and fantastic Mum! Check out the current litters page for photos and and the planned litters page if you'd like to see what our next litters will be!

08 May 2012
It looks fairly certain that Aria is no longer pregnant. It is a great shame but does happen for any number of reasons. We will try her again with Biscuit at a later date. Winnie however is definitely pregnant at this stage and we fervently hope she delivers her babies safely in a weeks time.

23 April 2012
Thanks to the wonderful Lisa of RCT Stud, RCT Biscuit has come to stay and to hopefully sire a litter here with Callisto Aria. Planned Litters page updated :)

RCT Biscuit

06 April 2012
I'm getting excited about the prospect of babies at Callisto soon. The matings are planned for the end of this month and if all goes well the kittens would be ready for their new homes at the end of June. Slight change of plans with the matings, Callisto Alemi will still be mated to RCT Winnifred, but Callisto Aria will now be mated to RCT Biscuit in the hope of achieving more markings on Aria's babies.

In other baby news Callisto Mievie has successfully had a litter in her home with Beltane Rats and Callisto Boris has been mated up in his home with Brammocks Rats and his litter is expected in a couple of weeks. Both were from our first litter here out of Hubble and Galileo. Congratulations to Beltane and good luck to Brammocks!

17 March 2012
Long time no update! Only two bits of news to report really, the loss of our beloved rescue girl Oakie to a Zymbal's Gland tumour and the happier addition to our family of Brammocks Smooch who is a hooded downunder (I have wanted a downunder rattie FOREVER, thanks Lyn) so named for her smoochable tummy, and her same aged buddy Sharkie, a dark phase pearl hooded girl from Rhydowen Rodent Refuge (thank you Clare) named for her pointy face and colour (let's hope she doesn't develop a shark like bite 0_0). So our November younglings are no longer the babies of the family, but then they've grown so much they could hardly be called that anyway :)

Hopefully the next update will be around May time when our next litters are due. Aria x Brophy and Winnie x Alemi for anyone interested ;) Can't wait!

20 January 2012
Other than our four "keepers" all kittens born between October and November have now left for their new homes :D Bucks and Does pages updated with our keepers and new arrival from RCT, Winifred.

01 January 2012
Happy New Year to our friends and followers >^^<

22 of the 23 kittens born into our A and B Litters have been reserved and started leaving for their wonderful new homes this weekend :) We're thrilled that they all found such lovely people to live with and wish them and their new owners well. The last kitten sadly had Hydrocephalus and despite putting up a good fight against it, and all of our fiercest love and gentlest care he had to be put to sleep. We won't forget you little Tidgey, you were very special and very loved.

Planned / Current / Past Litters pages updated. I will update the Does / Bucks pages in the near future with our "keepers" from litters A and B and our new doe from RCT :D

06 December 2011
All of our current 23 kittens continue to thrive. Please see current litter page for details.

26 November 2011
Hellsotrm Patience x Zappa Wisdom's babies have arrived!!! I'm so excited about this litter.
Five kittens born, five bucks, no does!
In other news I spent a full day cleaning and assembling two Explorer cages, the big rats are enjoying their new palaces :D Constance's babies continue to thrive and for homing can be paired with RCT kittens from Medusa x Kraken. See current litter page for more info!

18th November 2011
The reason Constance was huge is that she had EIGHTEEN kittens inside her.
Born on 17th November 2011 and doing well so far. There will be kittens available. Please see current litters page for more info.

16th November 2011
Valhalla Constance is looking huge, we're expecting her babies (with HKM Maverick- see planned litters for photos) to arrive on Friday (18th Nov). Hers will be the first official Callisto litter if all goes well and we are excited! Cross your fingers all goes smoothly for her and the little ones.

Hellstorm Patience was mated with Zappa Wisdom two weeks ago, she's slowly gaining weight so we are hopeful that in time she will deliver the second official Callisto litter, to be homed along with Constance's kittens. Wisdom is a special favourite friend and I can't wait to meet his offspring.

Lastly, we're very proud of Hubble, who at a young age has managed fantastically raising a litter of ten. All kittens will be going to their new homes this weekend and we wish them and their owners the very best and hope they will be good friends to their humans.

11th November 2011
Very excited that Constance is looking pregnant with Maverick's babies. Fingers crossed that she has a successful birth in a weeks time.
Hubble's litter will be ready to leave in a weeks time, just two bucks to find homes for now >^^< And all babies are doing fantastically.

28th October 2011
Hubble's babies are three weeks old. There are 3 bucks and 2 does available for homing.
HKM Maverick has been to stay for the week - many thanks to his owner Luisa. We hope to have our first planned litter arriving in three weeks. But only time will tell >^^<

13 October 2011
We have kittens available for homing! Ten babies born on 07-October. See Current Litters for more info.

09 October 2011
I'm absolutely delighted to say that today our blue Valhalla doe came to live with the other Callisto rats. She is the most relaxed and even tempered doe I've ever met and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. It is my hope that she will have some lovely, easy going babies with Zappa Wisdom in the nearish future.

08 October 2011
Welcome to our lovely blue rescue boy, named Tem. Father to two litters, kept in a tiny tank alone after, taken into rescue when the owner couldn't cope. Still a little nervous at times, but a very sweet soul. He is totally lost in a big cage and doesn't understand hammocks at all, poor soul. Thank you to Jackie for taking him in and homing him with me.

06 October 2011
I'm happy to say the the website has been published with much help from the lovely Tash and the support of many lovely people on the FR and NFRS forums, thank you everyone for the kind words :)
In other news it looks as though both our Valhalla RB doe and our rescue RB buck will both be coming to live at Callisto this weekend :D

01 October 2011
Website completed and to be published this weekend! Hurrah!

18 September 2011
NFRS Meldreth Show, our Wisdom won 3rd best Berkshire.
Tina at Hellstorm kindly homed Patience, Hubble, Kepler, Galileo, and Ptolomy with me to help in future breeding plans. Julie of Valhalla Stud offered a Russian Blue Berkshire doe for future plans also. I hope to fetch her at an upcoming show.

17 September 2011
Today I went to a rat meet at Alison's. Jackie of Rat Out of Hell Rescue brought a wicked amount of rats in need of homes with her and I submitted to a bit of GMR and a big blue buck will be coming to live with us shortly!

15 August 2011
Today Fiona @ Zappa Rats kindly granted me permission to use my buck, Zappa Wisdom, as a breeding buck. Thank you Fiona for granting me this permission and marking the first step towards Callisto's first litter.